Yasmin & Christopher

Yasmin and Christopher's wedding was quite the family affair for me, my sister was a bridesmaid and my brother was the photographer. Now, usually at a wedding, there has to be a certain level of diplomacy between the photographers and the videographers, as each does their best to get the shots they need, working around the other, but when the photographer is your little brother, it's a lot easier to barge past them, or give them the evil eye to get out of my shot...sorry Greg

Filming the ceremony in Glenveagh House was a treat and though the wind was howling and the skies were dark, that only made the landscape of Glenveagh National Park even more dramatic.

Good on the happy couple for not letting a bit of Donegal weather get in their way, Yasmin was mad to get out and around the grounds, to get some epic photos.

Here's a little snippet of the day

Edward Doherty